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Meet the Founder

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CyChain was founded by Joe McGill to offer risk and advisory services to the digital currency community.  McGill has over twelve years of combined investigative and intelligence analysis experience covering complex cybercrimes and counter terrorism with the U.S. Government.

McGill managed complex financial and cyber investigations targeting top tier transnational organized cybercrime groups at the U.S. Secret Service (USSS), San Francisco Field Office. In this capacity, McGill was assigned to the USSS Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF) where he ran dark web targeting efforts and digital currency investigations.  

During McGill's tenure at the USSS, he led efforts in coordination with Department of Justice (DOJ) to recover over $20,000,000 in digital currency from attackers. In 2018, McGill was a finalist for USSS Special Agent of the Year and was also recognized for Significant Case of the Year; which involved a case with over 50 digital currency phishing websites resulting in millions of dollars in losses and victims across the globe.  

McGill was detailed to Europol’s Joint Cyber Action Task Force (JCAT) for 90 days where he represented the USSS managing a multi country case involving digital currency fraud.

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